What is PGNB all about?

Providing a platform for new music and sound art, video and visual art, modern and experimental dance and multimedia, Pretty Good Not Bad is a new annual event aimed at engaging Victoria through dynamic and evocative experiences.

May 17-20, 2018, the festival will be driven by events that showcase multiple disciplines in spaces around Greater Victoria. Free and all ages programming will also be available each day of the festival.


Where is Victoria?

Victoria—the capital city of the province British Columbia in the glorious wilderness known as Canada—exists at the southern tip of a lovely place called Vancouver Island. You can navigate here from Vancouver or surrounding areas via ferry, plane or (if you live further up Vancouver Island) by car, bus or bike.

If you live in the US, you can take a boat from either Seattle or Port Angeles. Victoria has an international airport, so if you’re reading this in Amsterdam and are feeling like, “Damn, I need to be in Victoria for this amazing festival,” then, hey, you can fly here.


Is there a full weekend pass or wristband?

No. We have free programming each day of the festival and our individually-ticketed events are reasonably priced.

Tickets are available on Ticket Rocket in advance for select showcases.


What does this have to do with GOAT Festival or Animal Productions?

The organization executing Pretty Good Not Bad was born out of the ashes of Animal Productions who produced and programmed GOAT Festival in July of 2015. Pretty Good Society involves members of Animal, sub|division, CFUV and Urban Therapy, individuals with longstanding connections to Victoria’s creative community. You can read an in-depth explanation of how Pretty Good Not Bad came to be here.


I am a minor, can I check some stuff out?

Yes! There are free or pay-what-you-can, all-ages showcases everyday of the festival.

So Much Awesome. But, what makes this truly noteworthy?

Pretty Good Not Bad’s ideation, planning and ethos emanate from individuals that have been actively involved in Victoria’s creative landscape for years. This organization believes that in spite of Victoria’s dense festival ecosystem, there is a consistent lack of progressive conceptual programming and often, inadequate resources are afforded to the adventurous creative risk-takers doing valuable work in our own backyard.

PGNB’s programming reflects the collective recognition that Victoria’s experimental, avant-garde and progressive landscape—ie/ the “underground”—requires its own platform to appropriately showcase our homegrown talent alongside regional and international artists. This festival is that: an opportunity for artists to collaborate, share and showcase their work, and an avenue for the community to actively participate and celebrate it.

Some worthwhile endeavours already happening in Victoria that deserve some time and consideration:


Do you need volunteers?

We do: apply here. General questions can be forwarded to volunteer@pgnb.ca.

I want to perform at Pretty Good Not Bad, how do I apply?

Applications for our 2018 festival are now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied!

I love the arts and everything you’re about. I want to support your organization—how do I do that?

First: purchase tickets and come to our events! PGNB is about engaging with all facets of Victoria’s creative communities. If you are interested in what we’re about, then we want to see you out at events this May!

If you are interested in making a donation to the Pretty Good Society, please email info@pgnb.ca or you can simply donate here.


The 2019 VPGS AGM will take place on Sunday, December 23rd from 2pm to 4pm. Venue is TBD. 

Victoria’s Pretty Good Society is an evolved continuation of the programming, curation and production work executed by Animal Productions and sub|division. With a seasoned legacy of event production and local support, the non-profit organization aims to engage Victoria with dynamic, evocative multimedia experiences.

Pretty GOod Mandate

Updated October 9, 2016

To provide a platform that connects diverse creative communities through collaboration, with an acute focus on new music and media.

The Pretty Good Society aims to execute this mandate by:

  • Reimagining our urban environment as activated creative terrain
  • Reframing our collective concept of “a performance”
  • Stimulating and nurturing our community’s appetite for “the other”

The VPGS is composed of individuals who are actively engaged; from composition to production to promotion, each of its five members are direct contributors to the fertility of the city’s creative underground. With knowledge and passion spanning many genres and disciplines, VPGS believes in content, programming and curation.

  • Phoenix Bain – President, Music Programmer
  • Dan Godlovitch – Vice President, Artistic Director
  • Chris Long – Treasurer, Music Programmer
  • Toni Hall – Director, Visual/Multimedia Programmer
  • Alyssa Hrenyk – Director, Operations Coordinator

The VPGS wishes to recognize Ali Lopez for all her work and unflinching commitment to Victoria’s music scene as both a member of Animal and CFUV. We’d also like to thank Thomas Di Ninno, Sean Evans and The Number for support in 2016.

Pretty Good Society acknowledges the support of the Province of British Columbia and the Government of Canada.