visual Steven Bjørnsen Location Upside Studios – 16 1/2 Fan Tan Alley
  • Thursday, May 17
  • 4/17/18 10:00AM – 5/20/18 6:00PM
  • Fan Tan Alley, Victoria, BC, Canada
  • FREE / All Ages

Roomtone is an exploration of sonic interactivity. The work lives somewhere between site-specific sculpture, sound art, and interactive installation. While the configuration of the piece–4-speakers, software, and a microphone–is nearly identical in every installation, the nature of the piece is such that the materiality of the space–the size and material of the room–and the inputs to the system (people and atmospheric noises) have a significant impact on how the work expresses itself. In other words, the work is intrinsically site specific with properties emergent from the interaction of many elements. Through the use of feedback, every word, cough, boot scuff, etc enters the system and–mediated by the software–is extended, expanded, and integrated into the sonic “body” of the system. Thus, upon entering the space, people become part of the piece, hearing the sounds, changing the material properties of the space (through physically absorbing and reflecting in different ways), and adding sounds to the collage. Every phrase said in the space becomes trapped and reflected, looping again and again, stretched across time. This is a reminder of the power of words; be careful with what you say because once something is said it can live on. Eventually a limit is reached and the system collapses, beginning the cycle anew.

This installation is free to attend.
Thursday, May 17th – Sunday, May 20th
10am – 6pm