UPDATE: as of early 2018, PGNB is no longer looking for new committee members.

Interested in helping shape Victoria’s newest annual art-forward festival?

The Pretty Good Committee might just be for you! 🖖🏽

The Pretty Good Committee simultaneously offers community involvement in the festival’s direction while also providing the VPGS Board of Directors with a sounding board to ensure the festival and its programming are adequately representing our city’s diverse arts communities and demographics.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Pretty Good Committee, please consider:

  • Why do you want to join the Pretty Good Committee?
  • Why do you thing you’re a good fit?
  • What would you like to bring to the discussion?

Include answers to the above questions in an email to one of our board members:

Phoenix Bain, President

Dan Godlovitch, Vice President

Chris Long, Treasurer

Toni Hall, Director

Alyssa Hrenyk, Director

About the Pretty Good Committee

The Pretty Good Committee is an advisory discussion-based working committee whose responsibilities are to provide the Victoria Pretty Good Society (VPGS) Board of Directors with feedback and recommendations. 

Feedback and recommendation areas include:

  • Diversity and calibre of programming in accordance with VPGS’ mandate
  • Well-thought and meaningful integration of First Nations programming
  • The festival’s effectiveness at representing and providing a platform for non-hetero-norm-cis groups and demographics
  • Support with festival logistics and volunteer membership

This Committee is not responsible for budgeting and financial management, contacting sponsors or talent bookings. Future and expanded responsibilities can be discussed with the Board of Directors. 

Committee Structure

Committee Chair: Alyssa Hrenyk, Director VPGS, volunteer@pgnb.ca

The Committee Chair will call, organize and attend meetings as well as report discussion points back to the Board of Directors.

The remainder of the membership is comprised of Community Members appointed by VPGS Board of Directors who reserve the right to define membership, with feedback from current Committee members. Members of the Pretty Good Committee do not need to vote or agree; multiple perspectives can be shared with the Board of Directors for consideration.

The Committee will be required to meet only when necessary. This will likely require at least two meetings: one before and one after the PGNB Festival.

Terms of Service

Committee members are asked to commit to one festival term (January to July of the Festival year). Members can be re-appointed.