Teenage Wedding is a weird pop band that started in Victoria in 2015 with Nick Joy of Zuzu’s Petals and Mouth Breathers Owen Hooper. They wanted to be a punk rock band but too much grass and a lack of aggression kind of got in the way. So it goes! Joy and Hooper were soon joined by some of the most enchanting and charismatic local musicians, including members of Aquarius, and later Bright Boy and Miffed Neighbors. Their genre is seldom consistent and their performances are funny, strange and hopeful. They’re pretty good too! A breath of fresh air.

Their debut album The Great Sadness takes influence from Punk, Bossa Nova, Dream Pop, Kraut Rock and Alt-Co, using melodic hooks and noise walls to express romantic psychedelia, comfortable melancholy and misguided rebellion. Their new works are thematically linked with proto-Christian mythology and interplanetary travel via the transmigration of souls. All in the name of good fun!