Sammy is the Co-Founder/Artistic Director of Chimerik似不像 collective which have participated and created large scale new media performance projects in Asia including the official opening show for Taichung Light Festival with more than 30,000 audiences and over 19 shows in the outdoor historical site with projection mapping on balloons and water-stage on a lake. They’ve participated various festivals such as Digital Arts Festival of Taipei 2012 and Taipei World Design Expo 2011 also worked with corporations such as Microsoft, Google and NIKE.

Sammy is also the official selected mentor of Isadora and have completed two intensive one-on-one mentorship with the creator of the software, and have done new media/audiovisual tech from small independent theatre to large corporations such as Google.

In late 2016, Sammy has just completed touring major cities in Canada with the piece Made In China, a co-creation interdisciplinary work with Wen Wei Dance, a 3 year development project integrating both sound, video, new media technology and movement with personal memories and socio-political and intercultural context. Sammy has recently co-received the New Chapter grant, one of the largest funding in the history from Canada Council for the Arts, the project runs ’til 2019.

Sammy also have great passion for community engagement, in which he does work and mentorship for marginalized groups such as low-income residents, ethnic minorities, LGBTQ2+, indigenous and youths (including: Queer Arts Festival, MOMENTUM Youth Arts Festival, IGNITE! Youth-driven Arts Festival, Vancouver Biennale, Heart of the City Festival, Family Fuse, Weesageechak Begins to Dance Festival, Your Kontinent Digital Carnival