Novel is the creation of Jon and Noah Varley, accompanied by percussionist Bennett Smith. Novel began as a vehicle to push personal boundaries of songwriting and to experiment with rhythm and texture. Originally a three-piece, the project focused on creating a full and interwoven sound with limited members. After exploring many sonic avenues, Novel is settling into a funk-punk groove and a more cohesive sound, built from Jon’s songwriting and a shared vision. Recently, Mikhail Oreshkov of Smoke Eaters took over on bass, adding his distinct style to the mix, with Noah joining Jon on guitar. Drew Evans, Painted Fruit/Novel roommate, friend and talented writer, has also recently begun to accompany the group on trumpet. The project delivers a high-energy live performance marked by disorienting interplay, Smith’s drumming, and forceful vocals. Novel is working on a self-titled EP due to be released this Spring.