A Michigan native and formally trained classical musician, Laurel Halo is one of electronic music’s most vital explorers. Her productions orbit a variety of contemporary touch points, fluidly folding layers of techno, jazz and analog experimentation into structures that range from traditional pop to droning, repetitive meditations.

After a spate of predominantly instrumental EPs in 2011, 2012’s Quarantine (released via London imprint Hyperdub) marked a distinct turn toward traditional lead vocals, balanced with dense atmospheric productions, fractured digital noise and unconventional mixdowns. The album was declared Record of the Year in The Wire, and announced Halo as “… a skillful avatar of the near future.”

2014’s Chance Of Rain and 2015’s In Situ see Halo thread more traditional techno narrative between her compositions, with her most recent work embodying pliable, amorphous structures that signify sonic mobility as a central theme in her work. Halo is currently working on a new album, due for release late 2016.