Kayla Briët is a 21 year old multi-instrumentalist, composer, songwriter, filmmaker and virtual reality artist exploring themes of identity in multiple mediums of storytelling. After teaching herself how to create music in her room at a young age, she took up multiple instruments, scores her own films, and draws from elements of electronic, a-cappella, folk, and alternative pop; singing textured tales of love, loss, and all that’s in-between. She’s now bringing her “room” onto the live stage as a one-woman band, with a loop pedal, keyboard, guitar & guzheng zither, a traditional Chinese instrument. Her Prairie Band Potawatomi/Neshnabe, Chinese, and Dutch-Indonesian roots deeply inspire her in both music, VR, and film. Her award-winning short documentary, Smoke That Travels, immerses viewers in her native Prairie Band Potawatomi heritage and explores fears that her culture may someday be forgotten. This film has screened and won awards at over 45 festivals internationally, including Sundance, MoMA NYC; and is archived in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC. Currently, she is creating a room-scale VR collective diary (TROVE), teaching all-ages workshops, scoring independent films, and directing experimental stories in 2D & VR.