Joanne Pollock uses her unique attentiveness to detail to weave intricate electronic fantasies. Lush vocal melodies permeate her tracks, creating mythical dreamscapes with a “presence that demands to be heard” (Impose) and that are “serene, peaceful, hypnotizing, and hooky” (Noisey).

One half of Poemss (Planet Mu) with Venetian Snares, Joanne released her debut solo LP, Stranger, on Timesig/Planet Mu 2017. It received praise from publications such as Tiny Mix Tapes and Exclaim! who noted “Pollock never shies away from the unconventional. Yet, there’s enough warmth, folk, pop and soul here to satisfy listeners of virtually any stripe.

Joanne has been producing music since 2009. She now runs her own studio, STATION, in Winnipeg, where she has worked with local artists as a co-producer as well as mix engineer. Originally from Toronto but now based in Winnipeg, she has performed live across Canada and in Europe.