Jo Passed is an emergent project by songwriter/vocalist/producer/multi-instrumentalist, Joseph Hirabayashi. Joseph formerly played in Vancouver based neo-psychedelic band Sprïng, which formed out of the disbanding of pronk experimental punk band, SSRIs. Joseph lead both bands with his neurotic perfectionism coupled with his propensity for outlandish humour and rebellion. Sprïng released an LP titled “Celebrations” in March of 2014 and subsequently toured Canada and down the west coast 3 times.
Jo Passed takes the project DIY recording studio approach to an uncomfortable, but rewarding place – recording in whatever spaces become available and keeping things flexible. Writing for the UP EP began just after masters were completed for the Jo Passed debut, Out. The UP EP was eventually finished after a challenge was presented by a fellow musician in Vancouver about whether Joseph would able to finish a follow up in time before leaving on a spring tour. Inspired by early Pere Ubu with the inclusion of the synth talents of West Coast Passed family member: Bella McKee, UP adds noisey synthesizers to the Jo Passed palette.