Indian Agent is from Sitka, Alaska and Seattle.

Indian Agent (formerly Silver Jackson) is the music and performance collaboration between sidereal visual artists and musicians Yéil Ya-Tseen (Nicholas Galanin), OCnotes (Otis Calvin III), and Zak Dylan Wass. Historically, the Indian Agent was a post previously filled by the settler colonialist government charged with oppressing indigenous civilizations. These agents raped, pillaged, brainwashed, and murdered the mind, bodies, souls, lands and various cultures of the Indigenous people of the place we know today as the United States of America. These despicable acts were justified by the systematic and maniacal ideology known as manifest destiny.

The true history of the Indian Agent is still shrouded in mystery. In adopting this title, we aim to undo the brainwashing and vicious depravity caused by the original Indian Agents. Removing false agency with our song, purpose, lineage, and harnessing the power of our collective blood memories, we speak truth and positivity in radical contrast to their oppression. Our instinctive desire is to share peace and light with humanity through an ongoing praxis of visual art and music.