Elizabeth Charters completed her BFA in Visual Art in 2016 at the University of Victoria, located on WSÁNEĆ territory. In an ever-expanding world of constant accessibility and fleeting information, Charters is interested in deliberate communication and moments of connection. As we are constantly situated as viewers in constructed environments, a large part of her practice has evolved from a response to this daily onslaught of images and texts we receive in urban centers. In a grand sense,

Charters uses sculpture to ask why it is that we live the way we do and to point out what is both beautiful and sad about it. Charters most often chooses to work with light and language to invent or construct a moment of pause when a viewer encounters her work. With language and text works, she investigates the authority of voice, the notion of authorship, and the power of communication as it manifests in the realm of objecthood. Previous studies in English literature and creative writing have led Charters to fictionalize, borrow, and personalize text to transform simple phrases, idioms, and intimate sentiments into work that stimulates the viewer through the transformative condition of language in changing contexts.