Chad Munson and Ghost House is from Saskatoon.

Chad Munson is a multi-instrumentalist and producer from the Canadian prairies. At the age of 7 he received a malfunctioning analog synthesizer. Listening to the broken synthesizer drift, drone and distort sparked a fascination with texture that has defined his musical output since. Munson has been producing textural music since 1998 and released his first full length under his foal moniker in 2004 on Andrew Duke’s Cognition Audioworks imprint. The sounds he creates are centred around digital signal processing modular synthesizers, lap steel guitar and field recording. His compositions are an exercise in deep listening which explore the boundaries of organic and synthetic sound, through chance processing and exact programming.

Since 2003 Munson has released work on Cognition Audioworks, Panospria, Nishi Records, and his own Magnetic Domain label. He is co-founder of The Unheard Sound Series with Travis Cole and Tod Emel who will be guest curators of Sounds Like Audio Art Festival VII in 2017. Munson has shared the stage with artists such as Crys Cole, Jerusalem In My Heart and Le Révélateur. He has performed at Quiet City (Vancouver), the_SYNCHRESIS_series (Edmonton), Bring Your Own Headphones (Winnipeg), Sounds Like Audio Art Festival (Saskatoon) and composed an original compositions for brass and electronics for the Strata New Music Festival (Saskatoon) in 2016.

Ghost House makes live visual expressions of music, eschewing computers in favour of an analog and
(joyfully messy) hands-on approach, experimenting with overhead projectors, fabric, liquids, found
objects, light, chemical reactions, and lumia effects to create a multi-sensory immersive experience.
The results are simultaneously organic and intergalactic…
Ghost House is the independent work of Lindsey Rewuski, a visual artist & graphic designer, based in
Saskatoon, SK.