Antwood is from Vancouver Island.

Vancouver Island-native Tristan Douglas, originally known as Margaret Antwood—a pun on the name of a fellow Canadian, novelist Margaret Atwood—gained recognition in the world of electronic music after the release of his 2013 Energy Plaza on the Cocobass imprint. The EP was a splashy, angular reworking of club styles ranging from juke to trap to ballroom. His 2015 follow-up, an EP titled Work Focus on the B.YRSLF label, consolidated Antwood’s mechanically influenced style and garnered more critical praise, despite his deliberately enigmatic Web presence. His debut full-length, after a move to µ-Ziq’s Planet Mu label, arrived in 2016, at which point he dropped the Margaret prefix. Titled Virtuous.scr, it was inspired by the development of artificial intelligence, a theme familiar to Antwood given his background in molecular biology.