Rising like a phoenix from the ashes of Toronto experimental band Abstract Random, comes the force now known as Above Top Secret. Cultivating a hardcore electro/dub/hop mash-up sound with self produced bass heavy beats and politically charged lyrics, ATS demands attention and helps to awaken those still asleep in this ever growing matrix we call life.

Three people, six years, three albums, countless shows. From galleries and parks, to clubs and festivals across North America and Europe. Not new to the game, Above Top Secret has opened for, and shared the stage with amazing acts like Shabazz Palaces, THEESatisfaction, Lal, Phèdre, Maylee Todd , Lido Pimienta, Elephant 12, and DāM FunK  just to name a few.

Taking a yearlong hiatus in 2014 to work on honing their sound, ATS returns to the scene to use their platform to speak on personal as well as important political issues, while creating music to shift paradigms and open third eyes.

ATS share an interesting look inside their lives and minds with the latest Ontario Arts Council funded album ABOVE TOP SECRET released July 1st, 2016 via DAPS Records. With songs ranging from loss of friendships, and gossip; to missing a murdered indigenous women, police brutality and overcoming adversity, Above Top Secret continue to push the boundaries and prove they aren’t afraid to tackle serious issues.