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How long will you be away? Many of us are gone for long periods, whether for work, a weekend trip, or a family vacation. Imagine arriving home from a trip to find water in your finished basement, a collapsed ceiling in your living room, or water pouring down your stairs. My finished basement is full of hundreds of gallons of water because a water main broke and leaked. The second most common claim is for water damage. A common mistake is to think that water damage in your home is not a big deal. This is not true at all. Statistics indicate that water damage is seven times more likely than fire damage and six times more likely than a break-in.

What causes water damage in homes?

Most of the time, big events like hurricanes or floods don’t cause water damage. Home damage is caused by small leaks in pipes, poorly graded soil, clogged gutters, and a sump pump that doesn’t work. Many water damage problems can be avoided by fixing problems that are easy to fix.


Water gets into a home and can do a lot of damage. Even a slow leak, if not fixed, will damage the drywall and studs, cause black mold to grow, and weaken important parts of the building like the joists and beams. Stopping leaks before the first drop of water falls is the best way to avoid water damage.


Water damage could cause your bank account to lose money. Homeowners’ insurance may help pay for some of the cost of repairs. Still, homeowners will have to pay for repairs out of pocket because of deductibles and limits on coverage. The best thing to do is to deal with problems through top damage restoration strategies as soon as possible.

Safety considerations.

There are endless ways to do fire damage restoration together with water damage checks and repairs. Some of the suggested repairs and checks require you to get up on your roof. Make sure you use a sturdy ladder to get to the roof, have someone with you to help if you slip or fall, and wear shoes that won’t let you slip. Use a safety harness when you need to work on the roof.

Consider investing in a water flow monitoring system.

The whole house is protected by a water flow monitoring system hooked up to your main water supply. The thing works by figuring out when water is coming into your home. If it detects a steady flow of water that isn’t caused by your normal appliances turning on and off, it turns the water supply off to your home immediately.

Examine the hoses and faucets on your appliances.

Check the ice maker hoses on your water heater, dishwasher, washing machine, and refrigerator once a year. You could also buy a device that alerts you to leaks and shuts off the water if it finds one. Replace leaking or cracked hoses immediately, and do so every five to seven years.

When is it time to get the assistance of a trained professional?

If you find it hard or uncomfortable to replace roof shingles, fix copper pipes, or fix a chimney, you should hire professionals to do the work for you. All of these jobs can be done by licensed professionals. Look up “emergency services and how they do themfor a detailed overview on what these companies can do for you. 


Water damage can lead to problems right away. When there are water leaks on your property, the water will spread quickly and soak everything in its path. Your walls, floors, furniture, and valuables can all be damaged by water. As soon as the water gets in, it can leave stains on your carpets and make your photos, books, and other paper items swell and warp. This makes it even more important to start fixing the water damage as soon as possible.