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It’s been just over 37 months since the idea of Pretty Good Not Bad was even an utterance.

Since November of 2016, this concept—that Victoria hungers for and deserves diverse and contemporary programming of a higher calibre—has been near and dear to the heart of our small team. We’ve worked hard to seek funding, build a brand, showcase our amazing community, program world-class talent, improve our operational capacity and maybe most importantly, define our vision.

And yet, despite unbridled passion within our team and what seems like genuine momentum within Victoria’s small but dedicated creative community, 2018 was a difficult year for Pretty Good Society. We lost a founding member (to numerable valid reasons) and the complexity and financial challenges of running a growing festival exceeded our human resources. Needless to say, the execution of 2018’s event put a very real strain on our people.

If you’ve read this far, it likely comes as no surprise to many of you that 2019 will be a dormant year for Pretty Good Not Bad as in, PGNB2019 will not be happening. Our board feels that in order for the fest to sustain in any legitimate capacity, a year of pause and reflection is needed.

Almost more important, is the need for the cast of people responsible for the festival to expand. As PGNB has grown, the team at the heart of the fest has remained inappropriately trim, both in number and experience. So through the first half of 2019, the board of the Pretty Good Society will be looking to expand the PGNB team – if you have nonprofit experience and are interested in arts, culture, music and community, please reach out to info@pgnb.ca

Thanks to all the artists, attendees, sponsors and funders for the support over the past three years.