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If you buy a home appliance, you have certain expectations. Air conditioners are designed to cool the air, while water heaters offer you an inviting, warm shower. Sure, they could be damaged, but you probably did not anticipate these stylish devices to become potentially lethal fire dangers. While you may not eliminate any fire dangers hidden from your house, an effective alarm for fire can alert you and protect your family.

Unexpected Fire Hazards at Your Home

Although cooking is the most common source of fires in homes, there are alternatives to sparking a fire inside a home. Even seemingly harmless objects can ignite a fire when they are used in the right conditions. There are some unintentional house fire hazards. There are also precautions that you can follow to ensure your family’s safety.


It is the same element that cools it, which can ignite. Air conditioning fires are one of the most popular electrical household appliances. The most dangerous part is that fires originating from air conditioning can occur even if it appears that the unit is turned off when it is actually on standby.

The fires from air conditioning can start at the interior unit or in the condensing area. This home fire danger indoors is exacerbated by drapes or other objects near an air-conditioning system. Make sure to contact an expert when it comes to repairs to your air conditioner. Click here to find more details.

Garbage Chute

Living in high-rises means that garbage chutes are commonplace. Garbage chute fires have become more common due to their smell and potential entry points. A fire in your garbage chute might not cause your house to collapse; however, it could bring smoke, soot, as well as the smell of burned waste into your home, which could persist for months.

Be careful when you are placing trash into the garbage disposal. Flammable goods such as spray cans may explode or explode up to 10 stories in height. It would help if you were not disposing of anything with a burning smell in the drain, such as hot cooking oil. Any burning smell coming from the trash can must be reported as soon as it is detected.

Washing Machine

Washing machines usually start house fires. Mechanical socks thieves cause nearly 14% of all house fires. Washing machines can be dangerous because they are not always checked.

It’s unlikely that you are near the machine as it is operating. This means that you will not react swiftly enough to a spark of flame or enough time for the innocent machine to transform into an enraged inferno. Service your washing machine regularly following the manufacturer. You should contact your local fire restoration business for assistance with fire restoration.

Water Heater

Water heaters are listed as a fire hazard for homes under lights and air conditioning. Since they generate a lot of heat, water heaters can catch fire near their electrical wiring. Many people forget to shut off their water heater.

The thermostat’s red light will inform you if the heater switch’s red light isn’t enough. Put a little label that reads “off heater” on your bedroom’s light button to serve as an inconspicuous warning. You could also purchase a heater that has an automatic timer to shut off.


They’re not the only reason for house fires. However, they are the most frequent and ignored hazards. If you do not take care with light bulbs and grills, smoking, hair-dressers, as well as other dangers in the home, your home could catch fire. Make sure you call 911 right away to stop the fire. You can also contact a fire restoration company to bring your home back to its original condition.