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How to Find the Perfect Daycare Center for Your Puppy

Puppy daycares are there when we have to travel far, and we cannot bring our beloved dogs with us. They also serve as a place where our puppies can socialize and have fun together with their puppy friends. Therefore, it is essential to find the best daycare for your pups, especially since this will contribute to their development. 

But how exactly would you know if a particular puppy daycare is the perfect one for your pet? Well, we are here to answer that by providing you with some tips for finding the most suitable daycare for your dog.

Tips to Find a Suitable Daycare Center for Your Puppy

Are you still looking for the perfect daycare center for your puppy? Through this guide we made, you’ll find one in no time. So, keep on reading!

1. Check for Qualifications

Knowing that all the staff are dog-lovers is not enough reason for you to leave a puppy in their hands. So, before deciding on anything, make sure to ask for the daycare’s qualifications. Take note, the daycare should possess certifications and professional training to prove that they can take care of your dogs properly. In line with this, a great example of a puppy daycare that has more than enough qualifications is Central Bark Brookfield. They have been in this niche for years. So, you know your dog will be safe and well-taken care of with them.

2. Tour the Whole Place

Schedule a tour with the daycare you are eyeing. This will give you a chance to see what your pup will experience if they stay in this daycare. Plus, by touring the actual place, you get the opportunity to ask the staff in person more things to determine if they can handle your dog. 

Now, some things to keep an eye on if you visit a daycare are these things:

  • Security
  • Cleanliness
  • Ventilation
  • Temperature
  • Size of the Space
  • Play Area
  • Condition of Other Dogs
  • Activities

3. Ask the Dog-to-Staff Ratio

Experts suggest a dog-to-staff ratio of fifteen to one. Thus, before enrolling your beloved pup in a daycare center, ensure that the staff complies with this standard. Since by following this, the personnel can keep an eye on the dogs that come into their doggy daycare better. And you don’t want your puppy to get neglected once you enroll in one.

4. Get a Temperament Test

Although most dogs enjoy staying in a puppy daycare, not all are fit to do this. So, before enrolling your pup in the daycare you like, ask for a trial run first from the daycare. If they agree to this, this is a sign that they trust the quality of the service they provide. To prove this, check out Central Bark since they offer this to their prospective clients. You can check out their site for more info concerning this.

Additionally, doing this extra step will ensure that your dog is suited to stay at their center and is comfortable enough to socialize with other dogs there. But if you see that your pup is showing aggression against the staff and other dogs, refrain from enrolling them. 

To Summarize It All

Doggy daycares are there when we need someone to take care of our pups when we need to stay away from them. And as a caring fur-parent ensuring that you leave them at a place that suits their needs is a must. So, we hope that by analyzing this guide we provided that can identify the perfect daycare, you can find one that suits your fur-baby.