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It’s often said that there are two kinds of people in the world people who love cats and those who don’t. Cat fans are often portrayed as introspective, introverted people seeking a companion that is every bit as introverted and self-interested. Although this stereotype could hold for several cats and cat owners, the sole “rule” for who and who should not have a cat entails who and who is not willing to devote themselves fully to offering the best in pet cat care and health.  Because kittens are so adorable and in plentiful supply, many men and women are tempted to impulsively attain a kitty, operating under the impression that cats are “independent” and can “treat these” For your future cat’s sake, listen to this pet cat care advice before falling in love with the perfect feline.

Learning how to take care of a cat isn’t rocket science, but it’s also not as straightforward as some folks think. The very first thing you need to be sure of before you choose to acquire a cat would be that you’re giving it a forever home with you. Perhaps not a “you clawed the couch so you’re out of here” home or an “I am moving and don’t wish to bother finding a cat-friendly leasing so that I’ll take you to the pound” home, but a permanent home with a person who can devote as many as 20 decades of their life to cat pet care. If you are prepared to accept this commitment, then consider opening your home to one of the tens of thousands of cats whose past owners failed to make this commitment–embrace your kitty from the local animal shelter. Many cats and kittens are euthanized every day simply because there aren’t enough loving homes for all of them. Maintain a life and get your new best friend all in one go!

So now that you’ve determined a pet is really something you are ready for, it is time to make your pet care and health checklist. To ensure your cat stays as healthy as possible, you’ll want to locate a normal vet where you’ll take your pet for her or his annual check-ups, vaccinations, and some other medical issues that might come up. Hands down, the easiest way to keep your cat healthy is to keep your cat inside. While most cats like being outside, they are equally happy, and much safer, curling into a sunny window or on a screened-in porch. Cats that spend a lot of time outside will inevitably end up in fights with other cats which normally result in expensive abscesses.

Irrespective of whether or not you opt to allow your cat outside, you will have to be certain that you’re ready for the cost of having your cat spayed or neutered. A bonus of adopting from an animal shelter is that lots of shelters “fix” their pets before putting them in new homes.

Another simple way to safeguard your cat’s continued health is to feed him or her an excellent diet of premium dry cat food. The difference between a few dollars per bag may mean the difference between fewer veterinary bills later on. Search for cat foods that provide chicken or fish (no meat by-products or corn) as its principal ingredient. If you want to offer your cat a bit more variety in his diet, try roasted poultry, cooked fish, and cooked veggies like legumes. Do not, however, offer your cat milk or other dairy products as several cats are somewhat flaxseed.

Obviously, much of what you learn about pet care and health will come to you in the many happy years that you spend with your cat, but this is a start. Commit to providing your feline partner with the best that you can offer and he or she will reward you with unconditional affection and unrivaled devotion.

At Paws & Claws Veterinary Hospital, we are committed to keeping you up to date and notifying you about the reason why we’ve recommended surgery for the pet. We will also walk you through every step of the surgical procedure in addition to any pre or postoperative care which will be required. At our practice, we apply strict surgical protocols to ensure the protection of all of our patients. Check out this page for more details.

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